Paragraph : Padma Bridge

Padma Bridge

One of the dream projects of Bangladesh is Padma Bridge. It will be the world’s sixth-largest multipurpose bridge. In December 2014 the bridge started its construction journey and opened for common use on 25 June 2022. Although, it wasn’t easy at the start considering funds and other economic issues. Even, the World Bank cancelled its credit agreement. At last, the country had come up with its own found. But the country, economic issue was not the only thing to deal with. Because river Padma has two natures – calm in winter and cruel in summer. So, Engineers divided the construction process into five parts to solve this problem. The first of them was constructing the main bridge. That’s 6.15km in length. This phase includes setting up 41 spans. River training is the second part. Probably the most difficult part of the process. The 3rd and 4th parts are connecting links which are to connect the bridge with two highways. One will be made in Janjira and another in Mawa. Service area construction for servicing is the 5th step. The last of them is supervision of the whole project. Padma bridge will connect the south-west region of the country with the capital and eastern part. For this, regional cooperation will increase and transport management will be convenient. In addition, it will play an important role in the economic sector of Bangladesh. Industrial development and employment opportunities will cause radical changes in the condition of south-west residents. Not only economy and transportation facilities will increase but also medical and educational facilities will be easy to access. The world will witness the history of proud Bangladesh.

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